Helen Arney

Geek songstress Helen Arney thought she’d left her scientific past behind after graduating in Physics from Imperial College. But it wasn’t long before she found herself writing quirky stand-up and songs inspired by her days in the lab. Since touring the UK in “Uncaged Monkeys” with Robin Ince and Brian Cox, she’s popped up on Channel 4, Radio 3, 4, 5Live and 6Music, Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience on Comedy Central, Coast on BBC2 and at the Edinburgh Fringe with her award-winning solo show “Voice of an Angle”. Helen also makes up one third of science comedy phenomenon Festival of the Spoken Nerd, presents science on Discovery Channel’s “You Have Been Warned” and has filled several notebooks with rhymes for Uranus.

TheBigVanTheory's Miguel Abril and Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón

Miguel Abril (Granada, 1969). Electronic Engineer and PhD in Physics(2007). Currently working in the Andalusian Institute for Astrophysics, mainly devoted to the design and development of a spectrograph for the search of exoplanets in M-dwarfs (project CARMENES). Previously he worked in the development of electronic instrumentation for seismic data acquisition, used for the mitigation of seismic and volcanic hazards. His scientific dissemination experience covers a wide range of activities, from science articles and talks to collaborations in TV and radio programs. He was third in Spanish Famelab 2013 and, last but not least, he is a proud member and co-founder of The Big Van Theory.

Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón (Logroño, 1972) PhD in Mathematics (U. La Rioja, 2008). His research is focused on computacional commutative algebra and algebraic statistics. Spanish winner of FameLab 2013 and co-founder of The Big Van Theory, and author of the math show "el baúl de Pitagoras", gas performed in theaters, pubs, science museums, etc all over Spain. Self declared and proud nerd.

Chella Quint

Chella Quint is a comedian from Brooklyn, New York, who now lives in Sheffield England, and finds the two places surprisingly similar. She is the daughter of a scientist and a mathematician, but decided to rebel and go to performing arts school. Luckily, when she realised her true passion for science communication, they welcomed her back into the fold. She is the Sheffield Docfest 2013 Specialist Factual New Talent Pitch winner, performs regularly across the UK with Science Showoff, and hosted Comedy in Space at the Women in Comedy Festival. Chella moonlights as an amateur astronomer, and created the zine, live show and podcast It’s Not You. I Just Need Space. (interplanetary letters of love and rejection). She is very excited about visiting CERN for the first time.


Nazim "License to Thrill" Hussain

Nazim is a Canadian PhD student, studying in the UK, whose research is based at CERN.  As such, he has the unique privilege of being unemployed in three countries simultaneously.  As a child, he spent countless hours sitting in front of the television.  His parents found this behaviour rather unhealthy, especially given that the TV was never plugged in.  A man of many talents, Grace Kelly once called Nazim, “The epitome of masculinity” and Michael Jackson claimed he had, “the sweetest dance moves this side of the Moon.”  His current hobbies include history and embellishment.

Aidan "The Mole" Randle-Conde

Cat "Schrödinger" Demetriades

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